Cost Estimate Checklist


In order to facilitate the writing of a cost estimate for you we ask that you provide us with some information about your research project:

  • What service(s) are you interested in: e.g., full-service (instrument creation/refinement, data collection, analyses, report writing and presentation), consultation, primary data collection, secondary data analyses, report and recommendations? 
  • What is your main research question? What do you need to ask? How are you going to use the resulting information?
  • Have a questionnaire or draft of questions you would like to use?
  • What is your budget to allocate towards data collection and/or analyses and/or report creation?
  • Who is going to write the report? Who is going to do the analyses?
  • If primary data collection is involved, how many people or households would you like to have in your sample? Any specific criteria: e.g., seniors only who are 65+ years old?
  • Who will complete the ethics application?
  • What is your timeline? Do you have required deadlines for presentations or publications?