Public Release Alberta Survey Datasets 2015

Please click on the links below to access the 2015 Alberta Survey Part A and Part B questionnaire/codebooks, methodology reports and datasets in SPSS.  In addition to the standard weight variable used to adjust the sample size by proportion of population aged 18 and over estimated in the three areas, a weighting variable was also calculated from recent estimates by area, broad age groups and gender to adjust the sample size.

2015 Alberta Survey A Questionnaire Codebook

2015 Alberta Survey B Questionnaire Codebook

2015 Alberta Survey A Methodology Report

2015 Alberta Survey B Methodology Report

Alberta Survey A and Alberta Survey B 2015 Public Release Data in SPSS format.
Please note that the public data sets do not include variables for instructional, operational and open-ended question data.

2015 Alberta Survey A Public Release Dataset

2015 Alberta Survey B Public Release Dataset